Sacha is the second book by the young French photographer Alexis Pazoumian. In this firsthand account of the climate crisis, Alexis Pazoumian guides us on a photographic odyssey across the far reaches of the world’s coldest region, Yakutia. In a country that’s estimated to be warming up three times faster than the rest of the planet, it’s Russia’s icy heart.

These images, and the accompanying text, are the result of a project carried out between 2017 and 2018 in Eastern Siberia. The book recounts the author’s journey from Yakutsk, along the infamous Gulag Trail, to his ultimate encounter with Sacha, a reindeer herder who cherishes his freedom, living alone in the middle of the snow forest, known as the taiga. 


Photographies : Alexis Pazoumian
120 pages
Format 24 x 30 cm
Couverture rigide
42 images couleur
Argentique, moyen format
Parution Février 2020

André Frère Editions